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Spot Market Analysis Information of Line Pipe

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   China's line pipe production slowed down after 17 years of rapid growth. In 18 years, the price of welded steel pipe and line pipe rose as a whole. Line pipe reached a historical high in April, and the rise of billet and demand were the main reasons.

  On the export side, China's API Black Coated Seamless Steel Line Pipe export shows a downward trend, which is mainly due to insufficient international market demand, "double-negative" and higher domestic prices, so the export intention is low.

  The article introduces the development of line pipe

  products, and looks forward to the future: in the fields of oil and gas, engineering, construction, ocean, pipeline, nuclear power, composite pipe, etc., he thinks that China's development is relatively fast, some of which are even in the forefront of the international market, but there is still room for product development and stability improvement. In addition, he also pointed out that China has done a lot of work and made breakthroughs in the whole process and technology of line

  pipe, but it is still in the exploratory stage. At the conference, Zhuangang also made a comparison between domestic and foreign techniques, pointing out their respective characteristics and shortcomings.

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