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How to deal with the details in the process of seamless steel pipe

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  In the process of seamless steel pipe, there are many steps to obtain such a high quality pipe. By eliminating the work hardening of seamless steel tube, satisfactory microstructure can be obtained. Process equipment is bright annealing furnace, mainly used for. The finished stainless steel is heat treated in a protective atmosphere. When the application performance requirements of structural seamless steel pipe are different, the requirements of metallographic structure after bright annealing are also different, so the bright heat treatment process will be different.

  After cold working, the residual stress of seamless steel pipe material remains, which is very unfavorable to the stress corrosion cracking of the pipe. Any degree of cold working will lead to a significant increase in stress corrosion cracking resistance of materials. The degree of cold working will also have an adverse effect on the high temperature resistance of austenitic stainless steel. Generally, the higher the working temperature or the higher the requirement of fracture life, the lower the degree of cold working.

  The heat treatment process of SAE 4130 Structural Seamless Steel Pipe is rather troublesome. In order to obtain qualified metallographic structure, the adjustment part of cooling section equipment of bright annealing furnace needs to be large.

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