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What is the steel pipe size table?

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  The steel pipe schedule is a method of indication indicated by ASME B 36.10 and is also used in many other standards and is marked "Sch". Sch is the abbreviation of schedule, which is usually found in American steel pipe standard. It is the prefix of serial number. For example, sch 80, 80 are the pipe numbers in chart / table ASME B 36.10.

  "As the main application of steel pipe is to transport fluid under pressure, its inner diameter is its critical size. This critical dimension is considered to be the nominal bore diameter (NB). Therefore, it is very important for steel pipes to have sufficient strength and wall thickness if they are used to transport fluid under pressure. Therefore, the wall thickness is specified in schedules, which represents the pipe schedule, abbreviated as Sch. ASME is the given standard and definition of the piping plan. "

  We also use this standard for Alloy Steel Pipe for Fluid Pipe.

  Pipeline scheduling formula:

  Sch. = P / [t]×1000

  P is the design pressure, in MPa;

  [ó t] is the allowable stress of the material at the design temperature, in MPa.

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