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Our Structural Pipe

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  A wide range of applications rely on steel structural pipe for strength and stability. At ShengTian we supply welded and seamless pipe for structural applications to customers in all industries. Our structural pipe offers you the strength and uniformity you need in a structural pipe, while also offering you a cost-effective option compared to other structural piping materials.

  As a leading steel pipe supplier, ShengTian offers a large inventory of pipe sizes from 1/8” NPS to 48” NPS. We carry structural pipe in:Grade A53B- hot-dipped and black, welded and seamless, used for mechanical and pressure purposes. Also used for applications including gas, water, and steam air lines.

  A106B Seamless Pipe - also known as A106 seamless pressure pipe. Used for piping applications where fluid and gas transport at high temperatures are necessary.

  ASTM A500 Grade B/C Pipe -includes cold-form welded pipes in a variety of shapes for shoring, structural, bollards, and other general use applications.

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