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A brief introduction of the alloy seamless pipe

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  alloy seamless pipe temperature scale had known to us, if you have any questions, also it is to have a look at the content of the small make up next to introduce us to:

  alloy seamless pipe temperature scale: alloy seamless pipe is not pure metal, but by using the Fe based will contain C, Si, Mn and other elements of the alloy. Therefore, its crystallization process is not in a constant temperature (melting), but within the temperature scale must be the end. Under the condition of equilibrium crystallization, alloy seamless pipe temperature drop to the liquidus temperature (tL) beginning present crystal, and reach the solidus temperature (ts) crystallization fang when finished. Between the liquidus and solidus temperature range, namely, tL - ts = Δ tc. Is called the alloy crystallization temperature scale.

  Crystallization temperature of the alloy seamless pipe size mainly depends on the nature of the containing element and its content, and can be made of iron and corresponding elements of binary or ternary phase diagram to determine. Each element influence on crystallization temperature scale can be approximately as additive and.

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