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Specification for welding of stainless steel pipe

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  I. preparation before welding

  Quality inspection of welding groove preparation, according to the groove size, accuracy and surface quality requirements specified in the construction drawing and welding process instruction, groove quality includes flatness, perpendicularity and cleanliness, etc. A kind of

  1. Check the machining dimension (height, angle edge, blunt edge, etc.) and accuracy of the groove

  Whether it complies with relevant technical standards. A kind of

  2. Check the surface roughness and surface defects of ASTM (304/304L) Stainless Steel Welded Fluid Pipe(gas cutting notch, crack, sub

  If the surface roughness is not up to the standard, abrasive cloth can be used for grinding.

    3. Check the surface cleaning quality of groove. Groove surface and both sides at least 200mm

  The scope shall be cleaned up without burr, slag, rust, oil stain, oxide film, paint and other harmful foreign matters. A kind of

  4. NDT for groove surface. For the specified slope in the welding process document

  Materials (such as cy-m steel, fe-cy-n high-temperature alloy steel, etc.) with nondestructive testing (such as coloring, etc.) on the surface of the mouth shall be subject to nondestructive inspection, and defects such as cracks shall be removed

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