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3PE Steel pipe、2PE steel pipe

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  The 3PE Steel Pipe enjoys good impact resistance, abrasive resistance, shock resistance, acid resistance, high quality and long service life.

  Our 3PE coating steel pipe can be used in transferring natural gas, crude oil and refined oil product over long distance. Our 3 PE coating steel pipe can be also used in urban fuel gas piping system, storage tanks and groove piping system, protecting pipe in electricity and communication industries and water piping systems.

  3PE preservation:

  PE anti-corrosion pipe three-tier structure: the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE> 100um), the second adhesive (AD) 170-250um, the third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.5-3.7mm. Three of the integration, and steel pipe with a good solid coating. Diameter of Φ159-Φ1220.

  2PE preservation: PE pipe anti-corrosion two-story structure, the first layer adhesive (AD), the second layer of polyethylene (PE), two kinds of integration.

  we are which mainly produce and export line pipe and galvanized steel pipe  .

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