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Taiwan from the mainland increased imports of hot-rolled stainless steel

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  According to the trade data, the number of Taiwan's stainless flat steel imports from the mainland is still increasing, but Ye and Tang Eng is no longer overly concerned. According to Ye, an official said, "After the implementation of anti-dumping duties, not a lot of cold-rolled stainless steel sheet to enter the mainland market in Taiwan, mostly imported hot-rolled sheet and 400-series stainless steel hot-rolled sheet prices of imported useful competitiveness. Some Taiwanese cold rolling mill will be based on price and quality procurement of imported hot-rolled, cold rolling mill will buy some of the local. "the two mills say they are still closely imports of stainless steel, but still so far no further antidumping action plan. Tang Eng official said the increase in imports of hot-rolled affect us, but we can not prevent all imports into the material, it also allows us more of a choice, that is, in the case of the high cost of smelting we can choose to roll made imports of hot-rolled sheet.
  Since last August 15, Taiwan's imports from South Korea and mainland Series 300 cold rolled coil anti-dumping duties, but Taiwanese official data showed that imports of stainless steel continues to increase from the amount of the two countries, September 2013 - December during imports from the mainland in more than 600mm wide stainless steel flat products increased by 33.2%, to 250,000 tons.
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