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API 5L seamless steel pipes

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  API 5L seamless steel pipes, the line pipe have PLS1 and PLS2. PLS is the products standard brief name. It is also the quality grade. So when order the API pipes there should clear the material grade. It is pls1 or pls2. The difference between PLS1 And PLS2 is as the following:

  1. The test method and chemical is different. PLS1 no need do the impact test. But PLS2 except steel grade X80, all the other steel grade need the full size on 0℃ the average figure, Vertical ≥41J Horizontal ≥27J. X80 pipes full size 0℃ Akv average figure is Vertical ≥101J Horizontal ≥68J.

  2. The PLS2 line pipes need do the water pressure test by piece. While PLS1 no need do the UT. PlS2 need do the UT piece by piece.

  3. PLS1 and PLS2 Chemical compare.

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