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What is the difference between stainless steel welded pipe and seamless pipe?

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  One. Classification by production method

  (1) Cold drawing, extrusion and cold rolling stainless steel seamless pipe

  (2) Stainless steel welded pipe (a) is divided into gas shielded welded pipe, arc welded pipe and resistance welded pipe (high frequency and low frequency). (b) According to the weld, it can be divided into straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.

  2. Classification by section shape

  (1) Stainless steel round steel pipe: the round steel pipe can be used for pipeline, thermal equipment, mechanical industry, petroleum geological drilling, container, chemical industry and special purposes.

  (2) Stainless steel rectangular tube: a hollow long steel, also known as flat tube, square tube or square flat tube

  (3) Stainless steel special-shaped pipe: Generally speaking, it has larger inertia moment and section modulus, larger bending and torsion resistance, which can greatly reduce the structure weight and save steel.

  Three. Classification by wall thickness - thin wall stainless steel pipe, thick wall stainless steel pipe

  Four. Classification by use

  (1) Civil pipes are divided into round pipes, rectangular pipes and flower pipes, which are generally used in decoration, architecture, structure and other aspects;

  (2) Industrial pipeline: steel pipe for industrial pipeline, steel pipe for general pipeline (drinking water pipe), mechanical structure / fluid transmission pipe, boiler heat exchange pipe, food and health pipe, etc., which are generally used in petrochemical industry, papermaking, nuclear energy, food and beverage, medicine and other industrial fields, with high demand for fluid medium.

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