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How to calculate the weight of steel pipe

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  The steel pipe unit weight (kg/m or lb/ft) shall be calculated according to below formula.

  kg/m is kilograms per meter

  lb/ft is pounds per foot

  P1= t(D-t)*C


  D is the specified outside diameter, expressed in millimeters (inches)

  t is the specified wall thickness, expressed in millimeters (inches)

  C is 0.02466 for calculations in SI units and 10.69 for calculations in USC units.

  Please note: The steel pipe nominal weight is that the product of its length and its mass per unit length (Per foot or per meter)

  For example: The description of API 5L Gr. B Seamless Steel Line Pipe, Outer Diameter is 6 5/8 inch (168.3 mm), Pipe Wall Thickness is SCH 40 (7.11 mm or 0.280 inch), length 12 meters.

  Then the unit pipe weight kg/m, 7.11 x (168.3-7.11) x 0.02466 = 28.26 kg/m

  Unit steel pipe weight lb per foot is 0.28 x (6-0.28) x 10.69 = 18.99 lb/ft

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